2851784_open-uri20130218-26191-as0zwpWho am I? Well, let me first talk about my day job. I am the wicked, smiling flight attendant which you have probably flown with recently. Press the call bell once, I will raise an eyebrow. Press it twice, I will raise hell.

Travelling is my work. Been to places where I would never  have thought existed and places I wish did not exist at all. Used and abused hello, i’m sorry and thank you more than any person I could think of but what I really wanna say is SCREW YOU!

Underneath this crisp, dignified uniform is a regular club kid who loves the basics of nightlife: boozey, fashion, fun and anything,everything that comes with it. Sex. Drugs. Rock. and Roll. Kidding!

So how to spot me in a crowd? Easy. I am always with a bubbly champagne on one hand and a tequila shot on the other. Nasty mix, I know. But it is the fastest way to be catapulted  to hall of fame.  And, or shame. The latter is the usual case. I am always prepared for those mugshots.

Putting fashion, clubbing and travels all together is a hodgepodge of craziness, fabulousity and misadventures of a flying wanderer.

Welcome to my world, bitches! Take a bite of it. ( Swallow, don’t spit)

-UNO x



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